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Finding Neverland
/ Poetry / Romantic / General / Traditional Fixed Forms
I remember when we were kids.
Sitting side by side in the sand box.
You would sit there making sand mounds.
You told me you didn't want to forget Neverland.
Looking down all I saw were sand mounds
but you insisted that it was a map of Neverland.
Wanting to believe I asked if you would take me.
And you told me you would, you promised.
Next day I came bag in tow.
It was a lunch for the two of us.
So we could eat lunch when we got to Neverland...
But you never came.
thought you went back by yourself.
I cried for a week.
Grew up fast and unbelieving
in anything fantastical.
I became a grown up in seconds.
You found me one day.
I was in a dark suit and sipping coffee.
In your hand you had the most beautiful
and amazing flower I have ever seen.
You explained how your mother got sick.
That you had no chance to say bye.
You handed me the flower.
That was made of paper mache, of course.
That is when you asked...
"Do you still want to go to
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Bored Bus
With one boring article
One boring article things
I had placed her arm around mine.
So that she can see...
What I was reading?
What I was interested in?
What I was thinking?
Beautiful female long black long hair
Tank short shorts and I'm talking
about how we can become more creative...
(Can you believe it?)
She leans away from me.
(What did I aspect?)
Aren't you interested??
(Dumb question)
Of course I get no response.
Reading my interesting article
her leaning away.
She speaks!! (YES!!)
I speak!! (damn)
She leans again.
(Will this be the end?)
I look out the front of the bus.
Keep looking back. She is leaning.
(crap... What did I do wrong?)
I look up again... (our Stop)
I get off. She is behind me.
Without looking I hold out my hand out.
(Moment of truth...) She grabs it and squeezes.
Just a boring article.
(Sighs. She is still mine.)
We walk. Wind in her hair.
(Note to Self... Keep articles to myself.)
Life is good.
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Choices, Oh the choices!!
Instead of your gut.
You chose your head.
For better or for worse.
Lived through the motions
of this mental decision.
Moments, days and years.
You knew this was not
the choice to make...
but continued you did.
I love you's, I need you's
being said but not listened too.
Knowing it would not last.
Having those mental hopes,
Those mental dreams.
Your gut being sick with grief.
Your mental trying to make you gutless.
But it does not end there...
Oh no. It does not!!
Your gut is not as weak
as your mental thinks.
It fights back.
Giving your hopes and dreams
a backbone.
It drives away these
mental hopes, mental dreams.
Your gut stands up for you.
Does not back down any longer.
Your mental starts to breakdown
but rebuilds as it disappears.
Filling with a wondrous feeling.
Feeling of rebirth, of dreams and hopes
to be fulfilled.
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Thinking Of My Everything
Thinking of you
has been my one
line to sanity.
The life line that
will keep me safe.
when I'm on the edge.
when I am cold.
when I can not breathe.
You mean EVERYTHING to me.
Thinking of you IS all I need.
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Mature content
Ripened Dance :icondeeclear:deeclear 0 0
Forgotten Reality
Time and again I saw you with her.
Didn't matter which her.
Brown hair, blonde, Brown eyes, blue.
Soft curves or no curves.
Tree tall or stump short.
My hand extended for a touch.
One touch of your love for her.
To feel what she neglects.
The warmth of it, the burn of it.
Would have cooled me down.
Leaving, not being able to stay
Needing to disappear within myself.
To not be found hiding from your love.
Securing myself behind high walls.
Cement ton blocks, 2 layers deep.
Being held by another man.
Caress, kissed, loved, tormented.
Being played with
Like a 5 year old with blocks
Built up to be knocked down.
To be made happy for moments
instead of months.
To be made upset for months
instead of moments.
Being cherished would be divine
To be forgotten was my reality.
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Mature content
What Burns More? thanks to Margie Piercy :icondeeclear:deeclear 1 2
In the cold, there was us.
It was barren, non descriptive.
How I felt, frost bitten.
Pieces fallen off, dead.
Nothing running through them.
In the cold, there was no us.
There was just me.
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space by deeclear space :icondeeclear:deeclear 1 0 Starry Night by deeclear Starry Night :icondeeclear:deeclear 0 0
A Self Portrait of Dalia
Self Portrait of Dalia Clemente
I am the child of myself.  I am the missing dwarf, you know the forgetful one.  I am an even 5 feet. I am a chubby curly haired wild child who believes in flower power and originality or in other words " To thy own self be true."  I have a color of dark chocolate for my hair and an even darker chocolate color for my eyes.  Just like the country I am from I am reminiscent of the sandy beaches. I have the voice of a little mouse.  To remind me of my ancestors I have the length and thickness of my Jamaican great grandmother's hair, the laugh of the Rodriguez Family and the love of the French that I got from my 3 times great French grandmother, in me.  I have the imagination of a three year old.  My smile is small and not big.  I am a ball of giggles.  I laugh at anything and everything.  For my small stature I have an amazingly loud voice.  People k
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About Ted
About Ted, he left while I was still in bed. Twisting and turning filling the cold and empty spaces of the bed with myself.
Funny how you go out and walk around looking for a good time and it always seems to end with empty spaces of the bed being filled by myself.
Well last night was no different. I got home from class and started to get ready to go out. Took a shower somewhat slowly trying to figure out what I was going to wear. Whether I was going to be completely glam, prima ballerina or a nerd. After coming out I decided to go with rock out.  I went to the closet and pulled out a pair of skinny black jeans and a black Rolling Stones tank top. Mind you it wasn't a tank top when I brought it. I dried my hair and flat iron it straight, so it would hang there like lots of string. I put some shadows on my eyes and on my nails and toe nails. Not like anyone would see my toenails at first. Then I put my black Chuck Taylor's.
Now to the accessories, some skull and bones earrings&
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Memories part 1
Sitting by the window
Carving your sticks to
Make beautiful faces and
Names forever.
Laying under a black blanket
Listening to hay mamas y
Univsion su chanel 41 !!
Laughs, playing gin/rummy
Or playing parchesihese but
Of course you always won.
You cheated but you swear I was cheating.
He !! He !!
Dancing the traditional
Puerto Rican dance
Hands on your knees now
Pull your knees to one side
Now do a swirl and
Pull them to the other side.
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Consequences of Old Days
Consequences of the Days of Old
(Part II of memories)
You got sick and it became a war
To get a smile or anything nice from you.
Your smiles use to illuminate the whole room
Then they turned into to these dim lights.
What happened, didn't you think we cared for you?
All your hopes and dreams went down the drain.
You stopped thinking about your hay mamas
y su univsion chanel 41!
You stopped sitting next to the window
and you started to let the world pass you by.
You became a grumpy old man with no dreams or goals.
When you became like that and passed away
My dreams and goals went with you into that
6 feet of dirt and mud.
My memories became cold and old,
So forgetful, dull and morbid.
Slowly, day-by-day I turn out to be you
My days have become more gloomy and dismal.
I have let the world pass me by
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Comfortably Numb Wallpaper by deeclear Comfortably Numb Wallpaper :icondeeclear:deeclear 0 0 Just wallpaper by deeclear
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Just wallpaper :icondeeclear:deeclear 0 0

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: hell of new york
Favorite genre of music: mostly everything but not much rap or jazz!!
MP3 player of choice: creative Zen or sansa.
Favorite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: "When life gives you lemons don't make lemonade, make lemon meringue pie."
Well It has been literally two years since I have written a journal entry. I am listening to music and I am thinking about how I am going to get through this year. What shall I do?? I do this every so often to see if I have change in any way. 

Now...I did some amazing and out of my mind things last year that were super fun to do.  Some things I did last year that were fun... No Pants Subway Ride, Chinese New Years Festival, Black Tie beach party and I also saw a Cirque Du Soleil show named Totem. It was beautiful. This being said, I wish to continue the madness. 

So for the first time in my life I am going to start going to a gym. There is something I would like to do next year and at my current weight and health it is just not possible. So a gym is what I will be going to... I will also try to do some of the crazy things I did last year as well. I want to do the no pants subway ride thing again but at last, my job and assholes I work with wont help me out. I will be going to the Chinese new year festival yet again. It was fun last time. I will do some new things as well like going snowshoeing in central park and to a new Cirque Du Soleil show called Amaluna!! 

I have two goals this year and that is to try to find my center and to try to be happy. Now I don't know what this means but emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually I am out of wack!! I am going to try to fix these things throughout the year. As I had stated going to the gym fixes the physical and maybe even the mental a little.

 I might have to start talking to god again. I haven't really spoken to him in a long while. God and I have had a love not love relationship for a long time. I try to read the bible every once in a while and it makes me feel calm then something will remind me of why I don't trust in God and I "lose" my bible. Well I will pick it up and maybe read the whole thing. Maybe I will make that a goal and actually get through it. I won't be able to go to churches... they make me nervous. I know you don't go to church for people but people mess it up for me... more like I let people ruin it for me. Let see what will happen with that. If anyone has any suggestions let me know...

Mentally what can I stay about this?!!? I might go to therapy. Get a psychiatrist... I don't actually know. I have no idea what I will do to help myself mentally. How do you fix yourself mentally..?!?! Any suggestions please let me know.  

So, we have gone through physical, spiritual and mental. Now for emotional! I have got some big issues to get through. My father dying (long ago), not being able to stay in committed relationships and things in other areas. I think by going to the therapist I will be able to fix the emotional aspect of this. 

So this is what I am planning for this year... get the heart, mind, body and soul well and doing new and crazy things. If this all goes well by the end of the year I will be able to say, "I am happy and healthy and that is all I really need to be!!" 

I just want to wish all my DA friends and watchers a belated Happy Christmas and A Merry New Years!!!! Here's to 2014!!

Bye for now!!!
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  • Reading: 5 secrets to successful goal setting
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  • Eating: home made trail mix
  • Drinking: seltzer water


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